2019 Meeting Schedule

Our club meets on the second Wednesday of each month at the Stalashen Club House in Wilson Creek (as available.) Meetings start at 2pm with a social gathering over snacks and a glass of wine. The formal meeting then takes place.

Additionally, our club holds a themed social event each quarter for members and their spouses. These events start at 6pm and are usually held at the Stalashen Club House as available.

We also hold a technical meeting three times during the year. These meetings are held at a members wine cellar where demonstrations can take place.

SCAWA 2019 Meeting/Social Schedule

Date           Event                      Time           Location        Snack Host       Wine Group

Jan 9           Reg. Mtg.                2 pm           Stalashen         Jacqueline           Merlot

Feb 13         Reg. Mtg.                2 pm           Stalashen                                    Pinot Gris

Mar 13         Tech Mtg                 2 pm           Stalashen                                    Merlot
Martin will demonstrate the use of the new club capper.

Mar 8th         Spring Fling            6 pm            Stalashen        Who ?                 All

Apr 10          Reg Mtg                 2 pm            Stalashen                                   Pinot Gris

May 8           Reg Mtg                 2 pm            Stalashen                                   Merlot

Jun 12          Tech Mtg                2 pm            Stalashen                                   Pinot Gris
Len will be asked to discuss back sweetening of wine.

Jun 14          Summer BBQ         6 pm           Stalashen          Birgit & Jacquelin
Tentative plan for a Pig Roast

Jul                No Meetings

Aug              No Meetings

Sept 11        Reg Mtg                 2 pm            Stalashen                                    Merlot

Oct 26          Gourmet Dinner     6 pm             Stalashen            Christine, Birgit, Dave

Nov 1          Tech Mtg                 2pm             Stalashen                                                       Art will be leading a technical session on Malolactic Fermentation

Nov 13         AGM Mtg               2 pm             Watermark, Amenities Room         Pinot Gris

Dec 13         Xmas Pty               6 pm             Chris Chandler     Christine + ?   All


Regular meetings on 2nd Wednesday of the month start at 2:00 pm and, subject to availability, will be held at the Stalashen Clubhouse.

Social events will start at 6:00 pm and, subject to availability, will be held at the Stalashen Clubhouse.

The club membership is divided into two groups – Merlot & Pinot Gris – with members of the designated group for the meeting asked to bring a bottle of wine for sampling.

All members are asked to observe the drinking and driving regulations.